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PoolDawg, an innovative web-based in retail and pool equipment online games room, today announced its sponsorship of WPBA the seasoned player pool Daphne Schjødt trips. Schjødt, currently ranked nineteenth century with the ladies Organization Pro billiards, PoolDawg symbolize the pool of seasoned future, including the 2008 US-Available later this month. "We are delighted to have Daphne as part of Woodward wins Mosconi our business," said Henry Feiman, PoolDawg Supervisor marketing. "Daphne is not only an excellent pool player, but it corresponds to the PoolDawg brand identity. In search of a player representative, we would seek someone who not only would be a good pool player, but Meucci pool cue at pool-cue also someone who was open for swimming fans and swimming fans. Daphnewas what exactly we would look. " Established in Seoul, South Korea and currently living in Holiday to orlando, Florida Daphne Transformed seasoned in late 2007. With its best ranking within the 20 WPBA, millisecond. Schjødt concluded in 2007 since the player ranked Number1 around the heart of women visit and is also currently ranked in the period 2008 Number1. PoolDawg. com, Incorporated. can be considered innovative Web in retail and pool equipment online games room, offering more than two, while 1000 pool signals and circumstances dart and articles online room home games. As one of the largest providers of Internet pool, PoolDawg offers clues over thirty vendors who understand Scorpio Shares, Meucci, Lucasi, McDermott, Schon and Viking. .

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