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When left to fester, employee dissension based on claims of unequal treatment, age, race, religion, disability, sexual harassment, or any other type of discrimination often results in decreased productivity and legal expense.  Workplace mediation affords the neutrality, expertise and confidentiality required to reach mutually acceptable agreements.

How does it work?

Upon the request of an employee, an employer, and/or their attorney, Out-of-Court Solutions explains the mediation process to the other(s) involved in the conflict, invites them to participate, and arranges the mediation.

The mediation begins with the mediator explaining certain rules and procedures, and asking the participants to share their individual perspectives, concerns, and goals. The sessions that follow involve a series of joint and separate conferences with the mediator helping the participants communicate, negotiate, resolve issues, and reach agreement. Upon resolution, the mediator prepares a written agreement detailing the decisions made by the participants.

Why use a professional mediator?

It’s difficult to see the picture when you’re inside the frame.” 
(R.S. Trapp.)

As objective and experienced neutrals, mediators at Out-of-Court Solutions foster effective communication, respectful negotiations, greater understanding, informed decision-making, and constructive problem-solving. The parties can choose to involve their lawyers, but as consultants not combatants.

How much does it cost?

Most conflicts are resolved in one or two days rather than the months, if not years, involved in court proceedings. The cost is a small fraction of arbitration or litigation. The bottom line is that Workplace mediation is inexpensive compared to using two separate adversarial lawyers. offers Tickets in San Francisco , CA for San Fermin, G-Eazy , Dana Gould, Glasvegas at in Rickshaw Stop, and The Chapel .




“I want to acknowledge your effectiveness in the mediation process…  You presented us with a process designed to protect the confidentiality of the parties and to encourage open and honest communication and problem solving… resulting in improved relationships which has enhanced our effectiveness as a management team.” Charles D. Burtner, District Director, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

"Dr Ross is an
extremely effective
mediator...His ability to intuitively sense that which has
gone unsaid and to sensitively
utilize this
information to
assist the parties in reaching a
mutually acceptable
settlement is the best I have ever had the privilege to work with." 
Bob Oberstein, M.S.,
Ottawa University

“Oliver was pivotal in allowing us to successfully address the workplace and personal stress that conflict creates…we were given practical tools for dealing with a wide variety of workplace conflict issues…. I enthusiastically recommend Out-of-Court Solutions for any mediation or conflict need.” Neal Beets, Mesa City Attorney

“Traditional models of resolving team and individual differences can be both time consuming and ineffective.  Using you as an out-sources partner enabled us to address the issue quickly while protecting the confidences of the participants.”  Barbara A. Russak, Vice President, AAA Arizona

"Through Dr. Ross' insight and unique caring style, he skillfully navigated the troubled waters separating us and our previous associate.  By doing so, Dr. Ross enabled us to successfully avoid the pain, time, and cost of litigation."  Laurel Kubby, MD, Steven J. Laband, MD

I engaged Oliver Ross
to conduct dispute
resolution training for
Human Resources
Consultants at my company. 
I had been impressed
with Oliver's mediation
techniques and his excellent communication
skills.  Oliver's APS trainings
received excellent reviews from
seasoned professionals as well as those new to human
resources.  I will engage
Oliver in the future for
matters related to mediation
and similar topics.
Linda Thompson, HR Services Director, APS