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Learn to mediate any type of employment grievance or claim with the situational approach to mediation.

The situational approach to mediation is adaptive to differing types of people and conflicts. Situational mediators employ the best features of the evaluative, collaborative, transformative, and humanistic approaches to help resolve conflicts quickly, inexpensively, and with the least possible stress.

This 40-hour training is approved by the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association, includes 20 hours of simulated mediation sessions, and covers the following subjects:

  • Conflict  Management Theory and Styles
  • Preparing for Mediation: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Mediation Rules and Procedures
  • Opening Mediation Agenda
  • Effective Communication, Negotiation, and Facilitation Skills
  • Positions and Interests
  • Stages in the Mediation Process
  • Management of Anger and Other Emotions
  • Use of Private Sessions
  • Impasse Strategies
  • Ethical Concerns
  • Mediated Settlement Agreements
  • Establishing a Mediation Practice

Training Objectives

  • To understand the underlying psychodynamics of conflict and help others reframe their perceptions and beliefs
  • To be able to distinguish between the 5 most common conflict management styles, and help others moderate their style
  • To learn strategic communication, negotiation, facilitation, and mediation skills
  • To become proficient in the use of the “3Ws” model of organizing conflict-related information
  • To become adept at avoiding potential impasse
  • To learn highly effective techniques for managing anger and other emotions

Training Manual

The training manual includes course material concerning:

  • Conflict Resolution Theory
  • Dispute Resolution Continuum
  • Preparing for Mediation: Do's and Don’ts
  • Mediation Rules and Procedures
  • Opening Agenda
  • Effective Communication, Negotiation, and Facilitation Skills
  • Management of Anger and Other Emotions
  • Use of Private Sessions
  • Overcoming Potential Impasse
  • Other materials specifically designed to meet the client’s needs

Continuing Education

The contents of this training has been widely recognized as acceptable for continuing legal, human resource, psychological and social work continuing education credit.


Please call The Ross-Lieberman Training Center at 602-404-1500,







“Oliver was pivotal in allowing us to successfully address the workplace and personal stress that conflict creates…we were given practical tools for dealing with a wide variety of workplace conflict issues…. I enthusiastically recommend Out-of-Court Solutions for any mediation or conflict need.”
Neal Beets, Mesa City Attorney

"A consummate instructor, Dr. Ross used role-play and task groups to get students involved in discussion. His continuous open-ended questions added interest to the subject, making the students a part of the mediation procedures. The scenarios using volunteers were of the best new instructors to come along this year" Judy Kisselburg, AZ Dept. of Real Estate

"Dr. Ross's background gives him a variety of practical yet imaginative solutions to facilitate mediation... We found Dr. Ross's style of mediation to be most effective in dealing with health care concerns that are often laden with emotions."  Nancy Lane, RN, Health Services Advisory Group Inc.